Boston Sports Club Ads Are the Scourge of Scandalous New Yorkers

The gym's latest newspaper ads mock Anthony Weiner and A-Rod.

Boston Sports Club, which has a long history of running funny, on-the-news ads, has really been owning the “embarrassing New Yorkers” beat this summer, and it deserves a mention. On the front page of today’s Boston Herald, for instance, you’ll find this open letter to beleaguered Yankee Alex Rodriguez:


“Alex, losing $34 million? don’t miss our summer sale. Join today and keep that A-bod.” That’s a reference to the Yankees shortstop’s 214 game suspension which, if it goes through, threatens to rob him of a combined $34 million in salary. We think A-Rod probably won’t be taking advantage of the Boston Sports Club summer sale (though they have their small share of celebrities.) Still, they get extra points for the ‘A-bod’ pun.

And just a few weeks ago, BSC ran an ad addressed to Carlos Danger, the sexting-prone alter-ego of beleaguered New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner.



“hey Carlos Danger, we give extra attention to our members, too.” This one sort of doesn’t need explanation.

Of course, while we love a knock on New Yorkers, it’s not just Boston that’s running these ads. They might be from there, but Weiner and Rodriguez are subject to derision in New York, too, where BSC’s partner New York Sports Club has had similar success with its ad strategy.

Anyway, the ads are new, but the strategy isn’t. (And it stands in contrast to Equinox’s “hot naked people” strategy.) Still, these ones deserve special attention, just like Anthony Weiner’s Boston Sports Club members.