Rob Consalvo’s First TV Ad: “All In” (For 3 Points)

[Updated: See below for additional raw footage of Robbie shooting lights out!]

Rob Consalvo’s first TV ad is set to start running tomorrow, but I’ve got your first look at it.

No word on how many attempts it took Robbie to make all the 3-pointers at Iacono Playground in Hyde Park.

I’m not particularly keen on RC’s new slogan: “All In.” (To distinguish from what—Charles Yancey, who isn’t giving up his council seat?) But aside from that, I have to say my initial response is positive to the 30-second spot. It’s got a good energy; it connects him with basic, quality-of-life issues; and sort of makes the implicit argument that Consalvo will make Boston better not so much by being smarter or having the most brilliant solutions, but by sheer force of caring, determination, and energy—much like Tom Menino.

Also, he gets in a mention and photo of his former boss Ted Kennedy, and Kennedys are always a plus in TV ads around here. (Right, Scotto?)

But what do I know? You tell me what you think:


Update: The Consalvo campaign sends along this allegedly undoctored video of the candidate nailing six in a row. (Talk about a shot spotter!)