Animal Rescuers Are Trying to Track Down a Random Goat

At the time of the rescue, workers didn't know where the animal came from.

Workers from the Animal Rescue League of Boston are used to responding to calls for animals in distress, often helping cats get out of trees, or picking up dogs abandoned by their owners.

But on Tuesday they fielded a different type of request in Billerica, when a mysterious goat appeared in the town that seemed to appear out of thin air. “We are…getting reports of a loose goat in Billerica that we will help rescue. Multiple sightings and no one knows where it came from,” officials from the Animal Rescue League tweeted from their account.

Several minutes after releasing a healthy red tailed hawk back into the skies of Arlington, they said, workers hit the road in search of the wandering goat that didn’t seem to have an owner.

They sent out a picture of the animal to their Twitter followers so people would be on the look out for the farm animal.

Billerica Police also Tweeted about the goat on the loose, and posted a message to their official Facebook page letting residents know about the animal, to which they replied:


As of 5 p.m. there was no word from the Rescue League about whether or not the goat was apprehended, or if its owner was located.