The State Police Wish You’d Told Them About These Highway Daredevils

A photo of two kids hanging from the back of a truck belatedly caught law enforcement's attention.


Photo via Mass. State Police Facebook

The Massachusetts State Police belatedly came across this photograph of two guys hanging off the back of a tractor-trailer taken on I-93 in Dorchester Tuesday and circulated online, and man, they really wish you’d told them about this earlier, guys.

The photo depicts two young men heading into Boston Great Depression-style (or James Bond style?) by hanging off the back of the truck. (Hey, finding parking in the city can be hard!) See if you can detect the slightly bitter tone in the Massachusetts State Police’s Facebook post on the incident:

We would like to remind the public how unsafe and illegal this is. This photograph and other similar photographs are circulating regarding this incident. The Massachusetts State Police did not receive any phone calls regarding this incident as it was occurring, yet several drivers took photographs of it.

Don’t even try telling the State Police that you didn’t see this while it was going on, because they have the Snapchats, or whatever it is you people are using these days, and they see you Twittering about it, too. A phone call would have been nice, that’s all they’re saying.

But actually they have a point. It would probably have been best to sic law enforcement on these dudes before they injured themselves or forced some cars to stop short or swerve.