Tom Brady Sends Us All into Cardiac Arrest with Potential Knee Injury

He left practice after clutching his knee during practice.

Update:’s Ian Rappaport, among other sources, is giving you permission to exhale. Brady’s injury looks like a sprain. Newsworthy, but not season-ruining:

Original: New England’s collective heart stopped Wednesday afternoon when news broke that Tom Brady had left practice after clutching his knee during full-team drills against the Buccaneers. A pervasive sense of panic then set in as video emerged of Brady going down after an incomplete pass, apparently rolling up on his left leg, the same one that forced him to miss the 2008 season. Time to hyperventilate?

Not much is actually known about his injury. He apparently returned to practice for a short while longer before consulting with the staff then walking off the field. That hasn’t stopped the world from having a collective “What if” moment.

In unrelated news, today is Tim Tebow’s birthday. You know, just FYI. We leave you to make the terrible jokes. We’ll just be here, clutching our chests.