Martin Richard’s Family Returns to Dorchester

After three months, the marathon victim's sister was discharged from the hospital.

Image care of the Richard family

Image Credit: Richard family photo

A few weeks ago, the family of Martin Richard, the eight-year-old boy who died in the attack on the Boston Marathon finish line, spent their first night at home since April 15, 2013.

The family posted another update Thursday, four months to the day after the Marathon, to the Tumblr blog they’ve used to communicate with the outside world since the attack. Their seven-year-old daughter Jane, who lost her leg in the explosion that took her brother’s life, underwent numerous surgeries, and spent months in the hospital and rehabilitation facilities. Her family relocated to be closer to her as she received medical attention, and resolved that they wouldn’t sleep in their Dorchester home until they could do so together. That moment came not so long ago when, after three months, Jane was discharged. “As so many things have been, returning home without Martin certainly made that important milestone bittersweet, but we know he was with us, as he is every moment of every day,” they wrote.

This week’s post post focused primarily on Jane’s recovery, which her parents wrote, brings some inspiration even as they struggle with their son’s loss:

The loss of her leg has not slowed her one bit, or deterred her in any way.  As we knew she would, when we finally returned home, Jane walked into the house with the aid of her crutches, but under her own power.  She has since received her prosthetic leg.  And while she is getting more comfortable with it, she is also limited with how much she can wear it at any one time.  When she is able to have it on, she struts around on it with great pride and a total sense of accomplishment.  Her strength, balance and comfort with the leg improve every day.  Watching her dance with her new leg, which has her weight primarily on the other leg, is absolutely priceless.

The parents say they too are recovering from their various injuries as they look forward to resuming a somewhat normal schedule and considering ways to honor Martin in a “meaningful and impactful way.” Given the community’s response to the family’s situation so far, we imagine people are looking forward to helping them in that effort, whatever form it ends up taking. [Tumblr]