Aaron Hernadez’s Prison Pen Pals Keep Sharing His Letters

This time Radar Online has published a note they claim comes from the jailed football star.

An Aaron Hernandez supporter (oh yes, they exist) who wrote to the imprisoned former Patriot actually got a response and, though Hernandez asked him to keep it private, sold it to a gossip website. Stop if you’ve read this already. It’s happened more than once since Hernandez was imprisoned after being charged with the murder of Odin Lloyd.

Earlier this month, a man leaked his letter from Hernandez to TMZ, and in it, the aggrieved former Patriot wrote that, “The world just makes things out of false accusations … and it will all die down, especially when they say NOT GUILTY.” Hernandez hadn’t spoken publicly since his arrest, so of course this bred many “Hernandez says he’s innocent” headlines, and probably a few heads hitting desks over at Hernandez’s lawyers offices at Ropes and Gray.

This time, Radar Online claims it has a letter from Hernandez to a fan, and … it contains nothing so spectacular. He focuses mostly on the prospect that he might have to watch his daughter grow up from prison:

I miss my little girl terribly an my biggest fear of all is she wont know daddy! She said daddy first time or should I say “Da Da’ and had to hear it from jail. I’m doing fine but wanted to write you and definitely wanted to say thanks for the support! Hope to hear back from you if wanted! Please keep this private is all I ask!

Well, hmm, isn’t that genuinely touching? A cynic might say it’s almost like Hernandez has realized that there’s a chance his letters will be seen by others and is writing them with an eye to public relations. Or, you know, maybe he’s bored out of his mind and doesn’t care whether they get leaked or not. Either way, they’re yours for public consumption now.