This Joe Curtatone Video Sure Looks Like An Ad For Governor

But the Somerville mayor is mum on a run.

Below is a video that’s going to be posted on a new website of Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone, which lauches Tuesday. The site, I am told, is not a campaign site for any specific office (such as governor), but just a place for Curtatone to talk about what he has done in Somerville, and how the same can be done in other parts of the state (perhaps if he becomes governor).

The video is titled “Imagine Massachusetts,” and features Curtatone talking about the importance of government. Somerville has been a success story, he says, “by getting government back to work.” And, the mayor notes, “Massachusetts is ripe to make this happen in every city and town across this Commonwealth.”

Curtatone is much-rumored to be planning an entry into the 2014 gubernatorial race—especially if former Somerville mayor and current congressman Mike Capuano decides he’s not jumping into that pool. Capuano has said he’ll decide by Labor Day, and the buzz is increasingly that the answer is no.

That leaves the door wide open for Curtatone. Not that he’s saying so. Hey, this could all be a prelude to running for some other office. Or for re-election. Or maybe he just likes posting videos of his thoughts about what would be good for the Commonwealth. Who’s to say?