Watch Ryan Dempster Show Alex Rodriguez to Beantown

The Red Sox pitcher had Fenway on its feet by nailing A-Rod with a pitch.

Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster showed Alex Rodriguez to Beantown Sunday night when, after several apparent attempts, he hit the Yankees star in the elbow, sending the Fenway crowd to its feet in cheers. In short, A-Rod’s visit to Boston was exactly as pleasant as predicted. Dempster and both teams’ benches escaped with a warning, which prompted Yankees manager Joe Girardi (A-Rod’s last defender?) to get himself ejected in a screaming match with the umpire.


But like a ‘roided up hydra, Rodriguez appears to only grow stronger when attacked. The next time he came up to the plate, Rodrguez drove in the go-ahead run, putting the Yankees ahead 3-2. In his third at bat, he hit a solo home run to make it 6-4, and had some unprintable words to say about it as he ran the bases. The Yanks eventually won 9-6.

Mentally, he seems to have only grown more confident since the incident, too, saying afterward:

“Today kind of brought us together. Joe’s reaction was amazing. Every single one of my teammates came up to me and said, ‘Hit a bomb and walk it off.'”

Rodriguez’s lawyers have, by the way, accused the Yankees of lying to Rodriguez about the extent of his injuries last season. Rodriguez is currently playing while he appeals a 211 game suspension for use of performance enhancing drugs. Togetherness!