Truck Gets Stuck Under Storrow Drive Bridge, Causes Traffic Problems

Police haven't confirmed if it's a moving truck, but it is that time of the year.

Photo via State Police

Photo via State Police

Residents give the advice every year, before students start moving back to Boston for the fall semester, but apparently not many of them Google “moving tips” as they make the trek to the city.

The same day some students started arriving in Boston with trucks loaded with their belongings, readying for move-in day on September 1, a large truck—as happens nearly every year—got stuck underneath a bridge after trying to squeeze through along Storrow Drive.

State Police shutdown the right lane on Storrow Drive East Bound, at Charles Circle, as they tried to remove the truck from underneath the bridge. “It happens from time to time this time of year,” said State Police Spokesman David Procopio. “I don’t know yet if it is a student moving in.”

Procopio also could not confirm whether it was a moving truck or not.

Police said drivers could expect delays for “quite some time,” as they dislodged the vehicle with a tow truck. Inspectors were also called to the scene of the accident, as police spoke with the driver, to determine if any damage was done to the bridge. The truck was removed from underneath the bridge just after 1 p.m.

Moving trucks hitting the overpasses on Storrow Drive has become an annual joke for people who live in Boston year-round, with some going as far as starting betting pools on when the first truck will strike the structures.

Last year, moving companies in Boston even forewarned students coming back to the city, trying to help them avoid embarrassment. “If you’ve driven around Boston much, you’ve most likely used Storrow Drive or Memorial. They are two of the quickest ways to get around different areas of Boston. However, both of these streets do not allow trucks. There are low bridges and underpasses,” the Big City Moving Company wrote on their blog. “Sometimes when people rent a truck for moving, they don’t fully realize that they can’t drive it everywhere that they can drive a car. Trust [us]—the last thing you want is for to be writing articles about how you got a truck stuck under one of the bridges….don’t let it happen to you.”

After the vehicle was removed from the road, Mayor Tom Menino’s office used the opportunity as a chance to inform students about their annual “Hub Move In” campaign, which highlights the city’s resources through a welcome guide, including tips about services, rental housing, and safety.

People moving, and students returning to the city, aren’t the only Storrow Drive offenders, however. Earlier this year a bus driver transporting visiting students from Harvard University back to Pennsylvania got his bus stuck, tearing off the roof and injuring several people, in Allston, on Soldiers Field Road.

Photo via @miratim

Photo via @miratim