Charlie Baker Will Run for Governor Again

The Republican nominee from 2010 plans to announce on Wednesday.

As seemed inevitable the moment Scott Brown bowed out of the race, news leaked that Charlie Baker will officially announce he’s running for governor as a Republican on Wednesday of this week.

You may remember Baker from his previous run for governor in 2010. (The Republican national committeeman Ron Kauffman proved, once again that literally anything can be spun into a thin Abraham Lincoln comparison by noting “Lincoln lost 14 times before he became president of the United States.”)

It’s never an easy go for a Republican in a blue state, but Baker does face a very different competition with neither an incumbent in the race nor an independent like Tim Cahill to compete for independent votes. Baker is the first Republican to announce, but he joins a fast-filling field of contenders including Steven Grossman, Joseph Avellone,  Donald Berwick, Juliette Kayyem, and maybe-probably-not Dan Wolf?

Hope you had a nice break since our last election in Massachusetts six hours ago, because here we go!