Boston’s Women’s Groups Have Questions For The Next Mayor

The candidates won't get away with talking about how great their wives, mothers, and daughters are.

A coalition of organizations want to make certain that women’s issues—serious, sometimes uncomfortable issues—get some attention during this year’s mayoral campaign.

They’d also like to get the next mayor, whoever that may be, on record in support of concrete action on those issues—and not let the candidates get away with just talking about how great their mothers, wives, and daughters are.

Their effort, called ELEVATE, will be unveiled later today, I am told.

It will include a three-part mission statement, a questionnaire for all the mayoral candidates, and plans for an October 16 forum between the two final contenders—where, a coalition participant tells me, “icky things” will be discussed.

Icky things like: medically accurate sex education; sexual and gender identity; health disparities; health care access; pay equality; living wage; family-friendly job benefits; domestic violence; sexual exploitation; street harassment; and safe shelter.

Coalition members include NARAL/Pro-Choice MA, Planned Parenthood MA, Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, Casa Myrna, Renewal House, Future Boston, Mass Equality, MA Alliance on Teen Pregnancy, Hollaback!, Bethany House, REACH, Connect 2 Protect, and Close To Home.

The none-too-subtle hand of Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley appears to be very involved as well. I’ll have more details and info about participants lated.