Here Are Some Obligatory Aaron Hernandez Jokes From the Patriots Season Opener

Like the Bills fans who wore orange jumpsuits.

As if “Hernandez-ing” weren’t bad enough, former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez became fodder for a bunch of jokes as the Pats played their season opener against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday afternoon.

Hernandez was the go-to put-down for Buffalo fans during the entirety of the game, even if he’s all but forgotten by most of his fans—and Coach Bill Belichick. Along with the below photo of Bills fans wearing orange Department of Correction jumpsuits with Hernandez’s number emblazoned on the back, the shots at the former-star-now-alleged-murderer apparently came easy for Bills fans during the tailgate.

Most notably, people wanted to know if Hernandez was allowed to watch the game while he was sitting in jail. (We doubt it, based on the type of housing the ex-Patriot has been spending his time in, but who knows, really.)

Here are some of the other more obvious cracks sports fans made, prior to the Patriots narrowly taking their first win of the season: