Vote For the Best MBTA Map Redesign

The contest for the new look for the T's underground guide begins now.

The MBTA got a lot of people to come up with new designs for their map for free, and now they want riders to pick the best one.

Back in April, the MBTA launched the “New Perspectives MBTA Map Re-design competition,” and received what they called an “overwhelming” response, not only because of the dozens of redesigned maps that they pouring in, but because of the “impressive quality of many of the entries.”

Some looked like trees, others took a new perspective on the lines used to show each route, and others stuck to the classic look, but enhanced the concept to make it easier to navigate.

Once all the entries rolled in, a panel of T employees, urban planners, and mapping experts looked over each proposed redesign and narrowed it down to just six maps that they felt could be the next MBTA guide.

Now, the T wants riders to take to the voting booth and pick which one should win the top spot in the map competition. “With so many new projects opening—new Fairmount Line stations and next year’s opening of Assembly Square Station—and many more in the pipeline, the MBTA will need to modify and redesign our system maps,” according to a statement from the transit agency.

If the winning designer is lucky, their map may be the one that is seen by millions of riders as they try and maneuver their way through both the underground system, and the various bus routes. “The proposed maps are a fresh look at our system. The creativity and skill shown in all the entrants will certainly make their choice a tough one,” said MBTA General Manager Dr. Beverly Scott. “I am looking forward to seeing who our customers choose as the winner.”

Voting will be open until September 20. The MBTA expects to announce the winner by the end of the month. Below are a few of the finalists that they T picked for the top six redesigns to be considered. To see the complete list of finalists, and to vote for a favorite, visit the T’s voting page.

A lengthier list of all the designs that were submitted to the MBTA’s map design contest can be found here. 

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