D’Oh! Local School Puts Up Untimely Tim Tebow Billboard Near Gillette

Dean College in Franklin Mass. is a little late to the #Tebowing game.


Photo via Dean College’s Facebook Page

D’oh! Dean College in Franklin, Massachusetts just debuted what they hoped would be a timely billboard featuring Boomer the school mascot “Tebowing” in the style of pious footballer Tim Tebow. It displays the hashtag “#Boomering,” a twist on the viral #Tebowing meme that saw people fake-praying in strange places last year.

The billboard stands near Gillette Stadium, and was clearly commissioned back when Tebow was a third string quarterback for the New England Patriots. That, of course, is no longer the case after the Patriots cut him two weeks ago. Dean College is bravely trying to make it work:

“Gone, but not forgotten. Tim Tebow was the inspiration behind our newest billboard outside Gillette Stadium,” they write on Facebook.

“We had a 50/50 shot,” Josh Singer, a Dean social media manager, tells us on Twitter, of the odds Tebow would still be on the team after their ad debuted. “Still kind of works…or at least that’s what we’re telling ourselves.”

Tebow would admire your optimism. So would the many who bought the third-string quarterback’s jersey. You’re not alone, Boomer. Tebow may be off the roster, but for as long as there’s an ESPN, his memory will live on.