Citizens Disconnect: Let Us Google That For You

A roundup of our favorite requests for city services in the past week.

With the Citizens Connect app and website, Boston allows its residents to take a picture of a problem, send it to the city along with their precise location, and request help. The site is filled with complaints about sidewalk trash, graffiti, potholes, and dead trees. It also contains the occasional oddity. Welcome to “Citizens Disconnect,” the series wherein we round up our favorite few from the past week:

Let Me Google That for You.

Concerned Citizen: “Good morning, When you have time check out why The White Pages business doesn’t list Mattapan Public Library. Thank you.”

City Response: “Closed. Case Noted. The city of boston has no jurisdiction over private companies.”

God the perfectly dry response offered by the eternally patient Citizens Connect people is in fine form here. This complaint is particualrly amusing because the user knows how to submit issues to the city through their newfangled app, but isn’t quite as adept at finding phone numbers on Google. (LMGTFY.)

The Complaint Is Coming From Inside the House: 

Concerned Citizen: “There frequently is no toilet paper in the staff men’s room in city hall on 7th floor between btd and doit offices. Please have Building Management provide an adequate supply of toilet paper in this men’s room. this has been a problem for a while now. Thanks.”

City Response: None, yet.

This sounds like a City Hall employee using the City complaint app for a very, very personal issue. Amazing.

Who But W.B. Mason? 


Concerned Citizen: “Blocking a bike lane? who but wb mason!”

City Response: None.

Citizens Connect is full of people shaming vehicles who block bike lanes. We just like that this one incorporated a light hearted corporate slogan.

Yeah, Burning Red


Concerned Citizen: “I doubt whether this is an approved color.”

City Response: None.

Well, it’s definitely a choice these owners made, we’ll say that.

The Weekly Good Point Award


Concerned Citizen: “City of Worcester parking signs on comm ave is Boston.”

City Response: None Yet.

Yeah, wait … that is weird. How’d that get here?