Martha Coakley’s Move Draws Interest In … Secretary Of State

That is, if William Galvin runs for Attorney General.

Martha Coakley will apparently announce her candidacy for governor Monday, joining Joe Avellone, Don Berwick, Steve Grossman, Juliette Kayyem, and Dan Wolf*—and that’s just the declared Democrats. Joe Curtatone is likely to join that field at some point, and then there’s Republican Charlie Baker, and one or more independents and third party candidates.

But Coakley’s decision not only stirs up the race for governor, it also opens up the hugely desirable position of state Attorney General. Which is why I’ve been quickly hearing about pols’ interest in … running for Secretary of the Commonwealth.

“Yup, that’s my plan,” says state senator Jamie Eldridge of Acton. That plan is to run for Secretary, if the current holder of that office, William Galvin, runs for AG.

Galvin has previously told me that he would take a very serious look at running for AG in 2014 if Coakley runs for governor. So, while there’s nothing for sure with Brighton Bill, he’s got the interest, the inside track, and a huge war chest ready to go.

On the GOP side, it looks like state rep and US Senate primary runner-up to the runner-up Dan Winslow is hot for AG; he tweeted today that he will announce his future plans Monday.

Eldridge is unlikely to be the only Dem seeking Galvin’s office if that spot opens. Salem mayor Kim Driscoll—currently running for re-election—”is looking at statewide office, and Secretary would be a perfect fit for her,” says one seasoned Democratic operative. Others are said to be interested as well.

Incidentally, a few years ago when Coakley was expected to become US Senator, and Galvin was angling for appointment to fill her term as AG, a Boston state rep told me he would run for Secretary in that scenario. That rep, Marty Walsh, is a little busy running for mayor right now, but if that career move doesn’t work out, I could see him taking another look at SoS.

(*=Campaign currently in a state of suspended animation.)