Here’s A Terrifying Video of Tom Brady’s Face Superimposed on Miley Cyrus’s Body

Sorry, but we just had to share.

The Pittsburgh sports blog has—perhaps in an attempt to destroy New England’s will to live—superimposed the face of Tom Brady onto the body of Miley Cyrus, as seen in her new music video “Wrecking Ball.” For 13 captivating seconds, Brady face swings about beneath a mane of blonde hair. (It’s not the first “Wrecking Ball” parody. See the equally disturbing Nicolas Cage version.)

The video has that perfectly viral quality that pairs uncomfortable feelings of horror with a compulsive need to share what you’ve seen with everyone around you. Hence, several websites, from Deadspin to Buzzfeed, have reposted it with such commentary as “I’m so sorry,” and “Enjoy your nightmares!” Enjoy them indeed. And just to seal the deal, here’s a GIF pulled from Buzzfeed: