The Boston Mayoral/City Council Preliminary Prediction Contest!

Prove your predictive prowess and be named Boston's preeminent political guru.

How It’s Gonna Work: You pick the order in which the 12 mayoral candidates will finish in Tuesday’s preliminary. List them in order, 1 through 12.

Also, name the eight at-large City Council candidates who will win spots on the final ballot. No order necessary.

How Scoring Works: For each mayoral candidate who finishes in the exact spot you predicted, your entry gets 5 points. For each candidate who finishes one spot off in either direction, you get 3 points. For each candidate who finishes two spots off in either direction, you get 1 point.

For each City Council candidate you correctly predict to finish in the Top 8, your entry gets 5 points.

Maximum possible points = 100. Entry with the highest point total wins.

How To Enter: Submit your entry as a comment on this post. One entry per person. Entries MUST be received by 5 p.m. EST on Monday, September 23.

The mayoral candidates:

Felix Arroyo

John Barros

Charles Clemons

Dan Conley

John Connolly

Rob Consalvo

Charlotte Golar Richie

Mike Ross

Bill Walczak

Marty Walsh

David James Wyatt

Charles Yancey

See our Candidate Chat page for the list of City Council at-large candidates.