Brandon Lloyd Is Starring In a Zombie Flick With a Baldwin Brother

The tag line is 'Friends Don't Let Friends Turn Into Zombies.'

If you were among the group of people wondering why former New England Patriots player Brandon Lloyd was swatting away offers from NFL teams, the answer might be this: He wants to star in movies about killing zombies.

According to Lloyd’s IMDB page (yes, he has an IMDB page), the former Patriots wide receiver will play Sargent Chuck Lloyd in the film After Effect, which is set to debut in October and will be sold in stores, rather than getting time on the big screen.

Alongside Lloyd will be actors Daniel Baldwin, of Baldwin brothers fame, Kirk Anderson, and Michael Chin. The film was written and directed by David McElroy, whose work includes a list of semi-popular flicks—like Hellboy and Resident Evil: Apocalypse— in which he was a production assistant, but received no credit for his help, according to Here’s the movie description:

When college students sign up for what seems a simple paid research study, they soon realize their lives are in danger. Unfortunately they’ve unknowingly volunteered their bodies as human collateral in an ongoing U.S. Military experiment.

According to Influx Magazine, the movie, which had a $1 million budget, got a “C” rating. “The small budget is apparent in things like acting quality and continuity, but it still packs some decent entertainment value for fans of this genre,” wrote critic Jim Davis. “The score was particularly good towards the end of the film. I couldn’t help noticing certain characteristics that would have made this film an acceptable prequel to films like 28 Days Later and even a low budget origin to the present blockbuster WWZ.”

It’s safe to assume that speculation over Lloyd’s decision to bat down offers by NFL teams could be connected to the fact that he wants to pursue his acting career. If the film flops, though, Lloyd get some eyes on his attempt at the very least. (He doesn’t have much acting experience under his belt—his IMDB page is padded with roles where he played “himself” on NFL talk shows.) Plus, maybe his performance can bring the votes on the IMDB page back from the dead. Right now, it’s down 1,000 points, which is pretty bad for a yet-unreleased movie.

If not, well, there’s always the epic Brandon Lloyd smile photo to help viewers forget the atrocity that witnessed while watching After Effect.