Harvard Square Dunkin’ Donuts No Longer Likes Dem Apples

The coffee shop famed for its role in Good Will Hunting will close, forcing patrons to walk six feet to the next closest one.


The Harvard Square Dunkin’ Donuts famed for its cameo in the 1997 film “Good Will Hunting” is closing down, according to the Harvard Crimson.

It’s the coffee shop where Matt Damon’s character slams a piece of paper against the window and delivers his famous  line, “How do you like dem apples?” to a cartoonishly douchey Harvard grad student. If you didn’t remember that this happened in a Dunkin’ Donuts, well … yeah it’s not that key to the scene. But it’s a movie landmark! And soon it’ll be gone!

“Dunkin’ Donuts at 1 Bow St. in Cambridge will close on Thursday, September 26, as we are in the process of looking for a new location,” the franchise’s owner David G. Carvalho tells The Crimson.

There are some unhappy citizens quoted in the Crimson story, which isn’t that surprising because a piece of history is dying because they’ll have to walk six minutes to the next closest Dunkin’ Donuts.

“It’s very upsetting just because I’m in there at least once a day to the point where the people behind the counter know my order,” Joe R. Mazur ’15 said…

Sounds inconvenient. Let’s continue…

Although the store is survived by three other Dunkin’ Donuts in Harvard Square …

[Pause for laughter] ..

… Mazur said the inconvenience of the remaining locations compared to Bow Street may be a deterrent to loyal Dunkin’ patrons, particularly among the student body.

And if you’re worried about those employees who so diligently memorized the Harvard students’ orders, they’re just being transferred to the other three locations. How do you like ‘dem apple … cider flavored K-cups?