Mike Ross Closes With Substance

He posts a series of videos discussing key issues in the campaign's final days.

Mike Ross may be best known in the mayoral campaign for a bit of fun—his terrific running-through-the-streets-of-Boston ad—but I have to give him credit: he’s running (so to speak) on real substance.

He’s also made terrific use of today’s multimedia opportunities to reach an audience. Again, the most attention-getting was a tear-jerking video discussing his parents, but beyond that—where most of us in the news media rarely tread—has been real issue-oriented stuff.

So I think it’s worth pointing you to a series of videos Ross is releasing today, in which he makes his closing argument before the Tuesday preliminary by simply telling you what he believes on five major issues. They are (appropriately) more broad-vision than detailed, but if you want ’em, those details are available at his website.

Here’s the video on transportation; the links to the others are below.