It Snowed on Mount Washington

Happy Fall!


Image Credit: Mount Washington Observatory Facebook

If this weekend’s equinox and the death of summer have left you glum, boy have we got some news for you: it’s snowing in New England!

To be more specific, it snowed slightly less than one inch atop Mt. Washington, in New Hampshire, the highest peak in our fair region, and a place that actually advertises itself as having “the world’s worst weather.” The Mount Washington Observatory’s Facebook account posted:

Last night, we received our first snowflakes of the season, amounting to just under 1″! In addition, rime ice has been accruing all through the night, and continues to do so at a rate of 2-3″ per hour this morning!

Given it stands at just under 6,300 feet, and we stand at, well, sea level, this precipitation isn’t so much surprising as it is just generally stressful to look at. But hey, if you’re one of those people who loves fall exactly because the looming winter makes it feel so fleeting, well then this is great news! Look what’s headed your way in just a few short months!  Sounds like a real blast up there.