Harvard Square Likes Dem Apples, After All

A Dunkin Donuts famed for its film role is no longer closing.


Harvard Square nearly said goodbye to a Dunkin’ Donuts that played a minor role in the film “Good Will Hunting” and a leading role in the hearts of many a Cantab. But rejoice: the Harvard Crimson reports that the Dunkin’ Donuts outlet on the corner of Mass. Ave. and Bow St. will not close after all. The coffee shop, where Matt Damon’s character put up Minnie Driver’s cell phone number and yelled, “How do you like ‘dem apples?” announced plans to close last week in news that received widespread attention from caffeinated college kids and nostalgic film buffs. The owners have managed to reverse the decision, the Crimson reports. (We’ve reached out to the franchise owners for comment.)

Now, Harvardians need not face the intolerable fate of walking to one of three other Dunkins in the Harvard Square area. Nay, they can continue to like ‘dem apples (, pies, ciders, or spice donuts) at the location most convenient to them. And thank goodness for that, because these “Dem Apples” headlines are really not making much sense.