A Mayor in Full

Farewell to the petty thin-skinned ruthless S.O.B.—who just may be the best mayor we’ve ever had.


Photograph by Scott M. Lacey

It once seemed like Tom Menino would be mayor for life. But earlier this year, after two decades running the city, he surprised everyone by announcing he wouldn’t seek another term. When he steps down in January, he’ll leave a monumental legacy. Here, we explore the mayor’s time in office, from his stalwart support of LGBT rights to the developers who struck it rich on the waterfront. There isn’t one single story of Menino’s Boston, there are hundreds—each bearing his unmistakable thumbprint.


The Vision Thing

Menino and the city—and job—he loved.

Thomas M. Menino: A Timeline

From the early years to the victory lap.

Seaport District, Boston, MA

Menino’s Greatest Hits…And Misses

Like any mayor, Menino has had his policy ups and downs. Here, a look at the best and worst of his time in office.

The Menino Dialogues

You could argue about whether Menino was a good mayor. So that’s exactly what we did. Jason Schwartz and Rachel Slade agree to disagree.


Then and Now: Menino’s Boston

Have you blocked out what the city looked like 20 years ago? Peter Vanderwarker’s photos recall Boston before the Big Dig.

By the Numbers

How has Boston changed since Menino first took office? Let us count the ways.


One Boston?

Menino inherited a city reeling from the memory of racial conflict.

And Justice for All

When it came to equality for gays, lesbians, and the transgendered, Menino was ahead of his time.

Thomas Menino

Menino’s Associates

Find out who got rich under Menino. Plus: Meet the henchmen, the departed, and the resurrected of the Menino administration.

The Feuder

Menino has long been known as a man who can hold a grudge. Here’s a look at some of his notable spats.