Video Shows Man Falling Onto Train Tracks, Getting Rescued By Passengers

More than few people ran in to help out.

Bystanders waiting for a train at North Station rushed in to help a man who fell onto the tracks after he walked off of the platform Wednesday night.

According to MBTA officials, shortly after 9 p.m., a customer approached an MBTA employee in the North Station mezzanine to report that someone was on the tracks downstairs. In a video posted by T officials on Thursday, a passenger is shown stumbling toward the platform before plummeting off the side, and landing in the middle of the tracks. The man then lays on his side, with his hands still in his pockets, as more than one person waiting at the North Station stop rushes toward him to remove him from the tracks.

MBTA officials said the man was never in danger of being hit by a train, however, thanks to a fast-acting employee who happened to witness the incident. The employee contacted the Orange Line dispatcher, who then immediately directed trains in the vicinity to stop. Within a couple of minutes of falling onto the tracks, the man was helped out by some other passengers.

Just this month, the MBTA released a new music video, called the “Safety Bounce,” to remind customers to stay behind the yellow line when standing on platforms at T stations. Last year, before the video came out, the T saw a series of incidents where passengers took the plunge and landed on the tracks.