With New Stations, Hubway Is Expanding into the Neighborhoods

It makes Hubway a more realistic transit option in places like Dorchester and South Boston.

Hubway, Boston’s bikeshare network, has been opening new stations this week, primarily in neighborhoods where access to the big green bikes has been more limited.

They’re adding 18 new stations through the city, the majority in North Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, and South Boston, according to a city press release. The usefulness of bike share networks really picks up as the density of stations increases. No one wants to take a bike to their destination if they’re going to have to ride past it to find the nearest station and then retrace their steps on foot. And a glance at the bottom half of this station map shows that there’s some serious need for more station options in the neighborhoods. (New stations are in yellow.):


Screenshot via thehubway.com.


So hey, that’s great news. And hey, there are a couple new stations near the Common and the Waterfront, too.