Q&A #7: Mayoral Grab-Bag

OK, let’s look at some of these mayoral race questions. “Steve Abraira” asks:

How does the police arbitration award affect the mayors race?

I don’t think it does; I don’t get a sense that the amounts are causing any major public angina, or that Connolly sees any danger-danger-Marty’s-in-labor’s-pocket opening here.

From “Richard Skinner”:

Is Menino likely to endorse in the mayoral runoff? If he does, who would he back? Of all the mayoral runners-up, whose endorsement is likely to matter most?

I think Menino will keep his powder dry, while perhaps dropping an occasional hint that he considers Walsh the slightly less objectionable of the two. Of the other candidates, I think Felix Arroyo could deliver a lot of New Boston cred to Marty. Insiders might dismiss it as too obvious, since they’re both labor-friendly and Arroyo has never gotten along with Connolly, but it’s not obvious that Arroyo would be willing to risk his own credibility on Marty, especially after Walsh denied him all those labor endorsements Felix needed.

“Ben” asks via e-mail:

Did the results from this week confirm the obvious, that District City Councilor to Mayor is a nearly impossible route?

To the contrary, the results defy the long-held assumptions of certain unnamed local pundits that the City Council is no longer a path to mayor at all. (I don’t have a link handy, but somewhere there’s an old Boston Phoenix column of mine worth rubbing in my face.) Apparently, old-fashioned ground-game politicking still works, and voters do not seek a fresh face from outside politics. Sure, the size of the base matters, but Walsh’s rep district is smaller than Consalvo’s CC district, right?

“JLH” wonders:

On what issue(s) is the mayor’s race most likely to take a nasty turn? Could it be Walsh’s $175,000 salary and free car as head of Building Trades while serving in the state legislature; or Connolly’s law practice and legal clients while serving on the city council?

Both will be raised; I don’t think either will be a big deal to most voters. I think the nastiness is likely to be over the general attempts to portray Marty as a tool of unions and John as an elite son of privilege. If there’s going to be something really nasty it would be something we’re unfamiliar with to date, I would guess. But I doubt there will be any big October surprises like that.

“Stephen Londergan” inquires:

So how come the Globe editorial seemed to carry so little weight? What’s the role of print endorsements in general? And what about the Herald’s “anyone but Mahhhty” stance?

You mean as opposed to when the Globe catapulted Alan Khazei to the U.S. Senate? I think print endorsements can matter much more in down-ballot elections—although the Herald endorsement didn’t help get Philip Frattaroli into the final eight, so maybe not even there.


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