Q&A #8: How Will the Constitutional Offices Shake Out?

The answer to today’s eighth Ask Bernstein Anything question.

Lots of good questions today! “NASC” asks:

How do you see the constitutional offices shaking out?

The big question is whether Secretary of the Commonwealth, the Great and Powerful William Galvin, decides to run for Attorney General. I’m guessing more likely yes than no; many I talk to are guessing more likely no. I have no idea, really.

If Galvin runs for AG, I don’t think he clears the field of opposition (Albano/Jubinville/Spilka/Sutter/Clark/Linskey/Koutoujian/etc/etc), but I think he wins. Meanwhile, the open Secretary position could pull some folks from Treasurer or LG (although I’m told state senator Barry Feingold is still more interested in Treasurer)—potentially enticing others into those races.

What I’m getting at is that I have no freaking idea how the constitutional offices will shake out.

So I’ll say, in a series of absolutely pulled-out-of-thin-air wild guesses, that Galvin becomes AG (denying the world a neck-craning Koutoujian vs. Evangelidis race); Kim Driscoll becomes Secretary (over Karyn Polito maybe?); and Michael Bellotti wins Treasurer. Bump wins rematch against Mary Z. And what the hell, Harold Naughton and Jen Caissie as LG candidates, with the winner determined by their running-mates.


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