The Globe Editorializes Against (But Also Owns) Drones

The paper wants more regulatory guidance around the unmanned aircrafts.

Updated at 1:21 p.m.: A drone was spotted flying around the old Filene’s site in Downtown Crossing recently (see it below) and The Boston Globe‘s editorial board is not amused. “It was a drone, captured on a Vine video and posted to Twitter. And it was illegal.” It’s a reasonable position made mildly entertaining by the drones buzzing about the Globe‘s own building.

Developers say the unmanned aircraft was employed to take promotional photos of the future view from the new tower going up at the site. The editors are suspicious of a drone’s threat to public safety and privacy, and they note that this one was likely in violation of FAA regulations. But they’re not reflexively opposed. They just want more regulatory clarity. “The city should be clear about who can fly them, and how to deal with rule breakers.” No wonder they’re looking for a little guidance, given there’s another local organization itching to get their drones in the air: The Boston Globe.

Yeah, the Globe Lab actually owns a drone. And it is no secret (or scandal.) They held a contest to name it. They brought it to Coachella for some reason in a move they unilaterally declared “awesome.” They’ve posted YouTube videos of it flying around the office. As the Globe notes, with a little governmental oversight, drones need not be just privacy-snatching civilian killing machines. They can also attend music festivals! And as a Boston Dot Commer stresses, they’re not using it in ways that would offend the editorial board:



But in the meantime, watch your backs Globe opinion editors. The drone threat may be closer than it appears.