Wrap It Up: JetBlue Ads Take Over the Inside of the Red Line

We've seen advertising wraps on the outside of MBTA trains before—but now the T is taking them inside.

Photo VIA: Titan Ads

Photos Via Titan Ads

Over the next few weeks, Red Line commuters will be completely surrounded by an ad campaign.

JetBlue recently purchased the interior ad wrap, pictured above, for their new Central Perch campaign. The ads will be featured on two different red line trains for the next four weeks.

Riders are already getting excited about the ad:

This isn’t the first time the MBTA has had unusual forms of advertising pop up around the system. Last year, the outside of a few red line cars were wrapped with ads and digital advertising was launched throughout the system, including two 17-foot screens in South Station.

The MBTA contracts its advertising out to Titan 360. “In exchange for exclusive ad rights to MBTA stations and vehicles, Titan pays the MBTA a guaranteed minimum amount each year,” according to MBTA spokesperson Joe Pesaturo. He says that Titan paid the MBTA a total $12,718,831 in fiscal year 2013.