MIT Students Turn Alchemist Statue Into ‘Breaking Bad’ Character

Heisenberg is sitting pretty outside of the Cambridge school.

Photo By @marlenalove

Photo By @marlenalove

Sunglasses? Check. Signature black hat? Yep. The infamous goatee? It’s there, too.

Students from MIT were sure to include all of the iconic garb that goes hand-in-hand with Breaking Bad’s Heisenberg—the meth-cooking alter ego of star Bryan Cranston’s Walter White character.

On Monday, following the series finale of the show, the Alchemist statue situated across the street from the school’s main campus building, on Massachusetts Avenue, was decked out to look identical to the rough-and-tough Heisenberg, complete with two large beakers on either side of the structure, bearing the “BrBa” logo made famous by the creators of Breaking Bad.

The series concluded Sunday night after five seasons on air, and was watched by more than 10.3 million viewers. It broke previous records held by the show.

No word yet if Cranston got to see the tribute to the AMC channel’s Emmy-winning show, and the character he played for the last six years. Cranston is currently in town and performing in All The Way, a play about President Lyndon B. Johnson, at the American Reparatory Theatre in Cambridge.

Seats to the show sold out fast, as soon as word spread that Cranston was the play’s leading role. Standing-room-only spots are still available and are sold on a limited basis on the day of each performance.

Here’s one of Cranston’s last Tweets before Breaking Bad took its final bow on Sunday night: