Maps: The Mayoral Preliminary Election Results

We visualize the voting data in a series of maps, starring the mayoral candidates and the city's neighborhoods.

You’ve probably read everything you need to know about the Boston mayoral preliminary last week, right? Wrong. Here, we present a guest post featuring maps created by Andy Woodruff, a cartographer for Axis Maps and co-author of the Bostonography blog. 

Based on data from the City of Boston Election Department, the following maps show a dot representing each vote recorded for the 12 mayoral candidates in the preliminary election, aggregated by precinct. The dots are distributed randomly within populated portions of each precinct based on the census. Together, the maps give an overall picture of the geographic distribution of votes and voters in the election.

Voter Turnout:
This map shows the neighborhood variation in voter turnout. A purple dot denotes each vote, and a yellow dot represents every registered voter who did not cast a ballot.


Click to enlarge / All maps by Andy Woodruff for Boston Magazine

Winners vs. Others:
This map shows votes for the two advancing candidates, John Connolly and Marty Walsh, alongside the votes for the other 10 candidates. Votes for either Connolly or Walsh are purple; votes for any other candidate are yellow.


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All Candidates:
This series of 12 maps shows the votes for each candidate individually, allowing a comparison of the geography and intensity of support between the different candidates. Click the version below for a larger view, or scroll down to view each map on its own.


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Here are the above maps presented one by one:

Felix Arroyo:

felix arroyo

John Barros:

john barros

Charles Clemons:

charles clemons

Dan Conley:

dan conley

John Connolly:

john connolly

Rob Consalvo:

rob consalvo

Charlotte Golar Richie:

charlotte golar richie

Mike Ross:

mike ross

Bill Walczak:

bill walczak

Marty Walsh:

marty walsh

David James Wyatt:

david james wyatt

Charles Yancey:

charles yancey