The Boston Pig Has a Name: It’s Bobby

People have been curious about the tiny farm animal sauntering around the city.

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

Bobby swims, spends time in Back Bay, takes trips on a boat, and really enjoys belly rubs.

Oh, also, Bobby is a pig.

He belongs to Boston resident Ryan Peterson, and he is frequently seen roaming around the city—sans leash—as people stop to play with him and engage in his favorite activities, like the aforementioned belly scratching. Billy even has his own fan page since his popularity has increased with the many sightings and public appearances lately.

Now, people can put a name to the snout:

On the animal’s “official” Facebook page, which has hundreds of likes, people can find videos of Bobby doing lots of different activities besides just strutting around in the Back Bay, Copley Square, and around Newbury Street. Bobby swims, and he grazes on the Common.

In July, when a photo of Bobby was posted on, Peterson said the animal has lived in the city his entire life, and that he spends time in a garden at their house. “The neighborhood parks are accommodating but he spends much of his time rooting in a garden or swimming at the beach away from the city,” he wrote. “He’s a fantastic pet and I love taking care of him … I bring Bobby around town because he makes thousands of people smile and he enjoys the attention himself.”

Peterson said people make odd comments, like asking if he will “grow horns,” but generally the pig is praised when he pops up in public spots. Peterson said he adopted Bobby at four-months-old, and the pig was shipped from Montana. The pig turns one this month—something he boasts about on his fan page—and is fully house trained, according to Peterson.

When asked via Facebook message how he felt about the city’s newest bacon-centric food truck, Bobby replied in his own words: “Dad won’t tell me what bacon is, I just know I’m not allowed to eat it. He says I’ll understand when I’m older.”

One thing Bobby is familiar with, however, is swimming. Go on Bobby, show us how you swim: