Jared Remy Pleaded Not Guilty to His Girlfriend’s Murder

His arraignment comes days after an interview in which the broadcaster's son proclaimed his innocence.

Jared Remy

Associated Press

Jared Remy was arraigned Tuesday for the murder of his girlfriend Jennifer Martel, just a couple days after he gave an interview proclaiming his innocence to the Boston Herald. Remy pleaded not guilty.

He was arrested in August just a day after he’d been released from custody for the accused assault of Martel. Though the defense didn’t contest his being held without bail—you can’t imagine a judge would consider letting this guy out of custody again—the lawyer did contest the district attorney’s statement of facts, calling it inflammatory. Investigators have said that a neighbor tried to intervene as he attacked Martel, and police found him covered in blood. But in an interview with Boston Herald reporter Laurel Sweet from prison this week, he insisted on his innocence. “No. That’s ridiculous,” he told Sweet when asked if he’d done it. “How dumb would I have to be? I loved her, I still love her.” (The Herald then interviewed one of the several alleged witnesses, who sounded as incredulous as you’d expect.) Remy also talked as if he’d get out of prison soon—”I know my life is going to suck when I get out of here”—and said he’s refused to see his mother and father, Red Sox announcer Jerry Remy.

If that reads to you like a man overwhelmed, well then you and his lawyer agree. “My client is emotional mess,” Edward P. Ryan Jr. told reporters outside the arraignment today. “His mental state is very difficult.” Remy’s father, who said he wouldn’t return to the Red Sox broadcast next season, wasn’t in court, but members of Martel’s family were there.