Look at This Boston Dynamics Robot Mule

The internet has never seen a Boston Dynamics four-legged robot it didn't like/fear.

The internet has never seen a video of a Boston Dynamics-designed four-legged robot it didn’t like/have nightmares about. And this week’s addition to the oeuvre is no exception.

The Waltham-based robotics company has received much funding from The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to explore the creation of unsettlingly competent four-legged robot beasts. This week, they uploaded to YouTube the results of their field tests with the Legged Squad Support System, a four-legged robot built to travel 20 miles on rough terrain carrying a 400 lbs of load. The beast looks kind of like a Terminator Mule. And as usual, the video has gone viral, racking up over 750,000 views in just a few days.

When you’re finished marveling over it and you’ve concluded that you could at least outrun the attack of the Terminator Mule robots if they do go Cylon on you, check out their very speedy Wildcat, which can certainly overtake you in a race, even if you pull that zig-zagging strategy you learned from the gazelles on Animal Planet. Say hello to your future overlords.