Gov. Patrick Declares October 12 ‘Lobster Day’

Does this mean we have to gorge ourselves on lobster this weekend? Well, if you insist.

Gov. Patrick’s office spent Thursday doing exactly what the rest of the country imagines a Massachusetts governor does with his Thursdays: drawing up a twee-looking decree to inform citizens that October 12 shall be known as Lobster Day and all citizens should “take cognizance of this event and participate fittingly in its observance,” according to CBS Boston.

By that we assume he means we should all eat a bunch of lobster this Saturday, which … fine. You didn’t necessarily need a holiday to convince this guy, but why not? We do it every year.

“Whereas lobster fishing is the Commonwealth’s oldest continuous industry …” the decree begins, before listing several more ways lobster is inherent to our state identity and economy, “… Now, Therefore, I, Deval L. Patrick, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, do hereby proclaim October 12, 2013, t0 be, Lobster Day.”

October 12 is this Saturday, which isn’t that much notice, but how much does one really need to get out the bibs and boil up some water? It’ll be a blast. Plus, perhaps the holiday will give lobstermen a little boost (if only of morale) amid falling lobster prices caused by a lobster population boom that has hurt the industry in recent seasons. (That’s a good reason to celebrate Saturday at home, not in a restaurant where lobster is still priced like a luxury good.)

In case you need to feel like you got lost at Plimoth Plantation, have a look at the decree, which we assume some guy in epaulettes read in a British accent outside Faneuil Hall this morning in a British accent. We weren’t there, so we don’t know, but that just seems likely, doesn’t it?


Release image via CBS Boston