The Bullpen Cop’s Pose Is Already a Thing: #Horganing

Steve Horgan's hands-up cheer for David Ortiz's grand slam is the stuff of Red Sox legend.

Post by MLB.

We live in an era when photos of David Ortiz making clutch hits are too numerous to tell apart. But there’s one image from Sunday’s improbable victory that, years from now, will still evoke the night Boston sports fans just experienced … And it’s not a photo of David Ortiz, or Johnny Gomes, or any Sox player. No, it is, of course, that image of the bullpen cop who looked exactly how the rest of us felt as Oritz’s ball made it just out of the park, even as the Tigers’ rightfielder Torii Hunter flipped into the bullpen headfirst beside him. Did he care? Nah. As they’re saying on Boston’s Reddit, right now, “New Englander first, cop second.” (He actually did quickly check on Hunter when he realized he might have been injured.)

ESPN Boston found the guy. He’s Steve Horgan, a 50-year-old native of South Walpole, a 27-year veteran of the Boston Police, and a guy who’s going to have to get used to keeping his hands elevated in photo ops. Not that there was any doubt that the decidedly unstoic officer was a Sox fan, but in case there was, you know he’s for real, because look at that beard. Here he is after the game with Sox owner John Henry, in a pose people are already calling #horganing:

Prepare to see a lot of Steve Horgans this Halloween, because even if its only been a few hours and no one has actually set up a Tumblr, the news media is ready to make this meme happen.

Civilians are joining in, too.

And just so you can relive it, here he is on the cover of the Herald:

herald cover

Here he is in slow-motion, courtesy of @bubbaprog:


Steve Horgan, you’re our hero. (And David Ortiz, too, we guess.)