Scott Brown Is Still Following Boston Sports from Japan

The former Senator is visiting Japan at the request of its government, he says.

Apropos of nothing, we thought we’d inform you that Scott Brown has not tuned out Boston’s remarkable sports week, though he’s been following it very odd hours of the day from Japan.

Brown posted to Facebook that the Japanese government had requested his presence. The absence of Japanese kings and queens aside (that joke is funny because its the 1,732nd time you’ve heard it), he went to meet with leaders in business, politics, education and industry. We’re pointing this out almost exclusively so we can draw your attention to this great photo.

But he isn’t just focused on Japanese athletics. You probably thought you had fun watching the Red Sox, but you weren’t doing so from Mt. Fuji, were you?

(There was a real missed opportunity for Brown to get in on the #Horganing with an upside down sumo wrestler by his side. But there’s still time!)

Aside from drawing joy from his vacation slideshow, let’s also guess that bolstering his international understanding also makes sense if he runs for any of the several offices he’s publicly contemplating. Most people have greeted the idea that he’d run for president in 2016, as he hints, with skepticism. But he’s also got a public musing campaign for a Senate race in New Hampshire going, spurred on most recently by the pending sale of his Wrentham home.  Even a Senator needs to show some sense of international experience. (There’s a reason he made his kings and queens comment, after all.)

It’s worth noting, though, that while traveling is fun and potentially useful, even New Hampshire conservatives are getting a little fed up with the teasing. As the state’s Union-Leader editors noted, the threat of a Senate run allows the Democrat currently holding the seat in question, Jeanne Shaheen, to raise money, and strengthens her against whomever ends up as her Republican opponent. Something to think about on that long plane ride home, Scott.