People Are Stealing Things from Hilltop Steak House and Selling Them on eBay

It's turning into a real cash cow.

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Placemats, glasses, china plates—those are just a few of the items police say are being swiped from the soon-to-be-closed Hilltop Steak House in Saugus, and being sold in online auctions.

On eBay, someone has put several glasses with the iconic restaurant’s moniker on them up for sale for $75. Another eBay user is trying to get a pretty penny from a placemat that explains all the different cuts of meat that come from a cow, something that is placed down at the tables at the steak house in Saugus.

Police told WBZ that other items have gone missing as well, ever since the restaurant announced that it would shutter its doors on October 20.

According to the report:

Leather-bound menus and even antique pots have been stolen. The plates are estimated to be $20 each and the pots are valued at $600 each.

There have already been 24 bids on the cocktail glasses from the Hilltop, and the bidding war for the items ends later today. Other bids, specifically for china plates, are fetching as much as $37 so far, with bidding ending in the next few days. the items are listed by three different sellers on the site.

So far, nothing has showed up for sale on Craigslist. Police are investigating the thefts, according to the report.

The Hilltop Steak House announced that it was closing earlier this month, in a letter sent to city officials in Saugus. The restaurant’s managers said that they were “overcome” by a myriad of things, specifically a change in the demographics of their customer base, increased competition, and the increased cost to run the landmark.

When news broke about the steak house’s plans to shutter their doors, long-time customers came out of the woodwork and recalled memories of eating at the establishment over the last 50 years.

The steakhouse, which had a Braintree location that closed in 2007, was known for its large, 18-ounce slabs of beef served as entrees, and the iconic fiberglass cows grazing outside the restaurant’s entrance. It is also home to a 70-foot neon cactus sign that can be seen from far away along Route 1. Luckily, no one has tried to steal that sign yet, but if it does go missing, we might know where to find it.