Boston Journalists Show Interest in Your Facial Hair

Folks with beards shouldn't have much trouble getting good press these days.

Dustin Pedroia


Are you growing a beard in solidarity with the Red Sox? If so, a reporter from every media outlet in Massachusetts would like to speak with you.

Okay, perhaps that’s overstating it slightly. But currently at least two newspapers have stories in the works, according to tweets from their reporters. That’s the Boston Globe:

And the Patriot Ledger:

Who will get there first? Whose story will be better (or at least less trite)? Only time will tell! Meanwhile, other publications are taking the pics-or-it-didnt-happen approach.

Over at Boston Public Radio, they’re a bit more incestuous, interested less in your facial hair than in the facial hair of other members of the media:

At any rate, this beard thing is fun, but dare we say we might be reaching Peak Whisker? Evidently not, so steel yourselves for a rash of slideshows and stories to add on to the pile, guys. You’ve been warned.