Jets Fan Caught on Camera Punching a Woman

In case you weren't feeling bitter enough over Sunday's loss, there's this.

Perhaps you are not yet feeling bitter enough about the Jets victory over the Patriots Sunday, so to rectify that, watch the above video of a fan in a Jets jersey punching a woman in the face shortly after his team won.

The YouTube video, first surfaced by Deadspin, shows some guys fighting as they exit Met Life Stadium, followed by two women in what looks to be Patriots apparel, apparently shoving the man in the Wayne Chrebet jersey. He responds by punching one of them in the face. The footage has since been picked up by several other news outlets:

The man who sent the video to Deadspin is quoted describing the context:

Fight started in the stands with two girls fighting. And moved out to where I shot the video. Beer was thrown and clothing over the balcony. Security went after the guy. Didn’t see what happened after that.

A New York CBS affiliate followed up with the Jets representatives, who said the people involved had been detained. “We are aware of the situation and we do not tolerate that behavior,” the rep told CBS 2. “Parties involved were detained and this matter is now in the hands of the New Jersey State Police.” In custody or not, this guy is just lucky his name isn’t (yet) attached to the video of him at what we hope is a particularly low moment in his life.

Meanwhile, in the comments section of YouTube, home to the world’s least endearing humans, there is a lively debate about whether the woman deserved what she got. People are the worst! Happy Monday, everyone!