Video: A Rider Fell Onto the MBTA Tracks At the Davis Square Station

It's the second time a passenger has taken the plunge in the last few weeks.

Bystanders at the Davis Square MBTA station rushed to the aid of a 31-year-old woman who fell off of the platform and onto the tracks on Monday morning.

According to T officials, the passenger was never in danger of being struck by a train because “no train was anywhere near Davis Station at the time,” but the victim sat on the tracks for several moments before people jumped down to pull her out of the pit.

The video, posted to YouTube by T officials, shows the woman slip from the side of the platform, after crossing the yellow line, with her hands in her pockets.

The victim stays on the tracks, moving slightly, for close to a minute before a group of people rush down the platform and offer assistance.

Dozens of people crowd above the woman before several people finally hop into the pit and pull her back out.

This is the second incident where a rider has fallen off of a platform and onto the train tracks in as many weeks.

On October 15, a woman slipped off the edge of a train platform at Downtown Crossing. The woman was quickly pulled from the tracks by other passengers nearby.

Last month, bystanders waiting for a train at North Station rushed in to help a man who fell onto the tracks after he walked off of the platform. MBTA officials said the man was never in danger of being hit by a train, thanks to a fast-acting employee who happened to witness the incident.