Scott Brown, Stay in Japan for the Red Sox

No one should be making any sudden moves that might change the Sox luck.

We noted last week that Scott Brown made a trip to Japan to cheer on Boston’s sports teams from the land of tomorrow. From various historic spots, Brown watched the Sox win victory after victory. Coincidence? To be safe, let us assume, without any evidence to the contrary, that it was not.

Red Sox Nation is playing a game of freeze tag. No one move. No one do anything different. If the Red Sox only won on days when you missed the game, you are hereby banned from watching the World Series. If they lost every time you wore your best red necktie to work, burn that ugly thing. And if you followed every game from some Japanese landmark or business meeting, do not board an airplane to come home. That means you, Brown.

From Mt. Fuji, he watched our game two comeback.

He discussed business challenges during Game 3.

And here he is at Kyoto Pavillion, a few hours before our next to last victory:

Then soon after a visit to Matsuyama Castle, he celebrated our final victory:

  But wait, what’s this?

Can anyone remember what happened to the Patriots yesterday? Consider that a warning shot, Scott. You’ve still got time to get back on a plane.