Make Way for the Mrs. Mallard Statue’s Playoff Beard

The public garden statue is joining the facial hair bandwagon.


A Boston Redditor has spotted Mrs. Mallard of the Make Way for Ducklings statues in the Public Garden sporting a playoff beard in solidarity with the Red Sox. Like everyone in Boston, we love playoff beards, so we approve.

It’s a new look for the mother duck, who was most recently seen sporting her Patriots spirit with a Gronk jersey to celebrate the tight end’s return to the field. Of course, she and her offspring were a week early to the Gronk train, thanks to premature reports that he’d be back from his injury. So in this case, they’ve played it safe, jumping onto the playoff beard bandwagon only now that it’s well under way. Forgive her for the delay. It takes a long time to grow whiskers like that. Especially when you’re a woman. And a duck. And made of bronze.


Photo Credit: Megan Tripp