Man Banned from Fenway for Trying to Steal Mike Napoli’s Glove

Suffolk County prosecutors say he was caught early Sunday morning after the Sox win.

Police arrested a guy and banned him from Fenway Park because they say was caught trying to steal Mike Napoli’s baseball glove from the clubhouse just after the Sox won a spot in the World Series.

According to the Suffolk District Attorney’s office, a Red Sox staff member spotted Thomas Robbins, 23, inside the team’s clubhouse in the early morning hours after the Sox clinched their World Series spot. The staffer asked what Robbins was doing there. Robbins started to leave and dropped Mike Napoli’s baseball glove.

Robbins, Thomas - Booking Photo

Care of Suffolk County DA

“It was valued at $450 for purposes of the case, but a perfectly-worn mitt is priceless,” Suffolk DA Dan Conley said. “We’re glad Mike got it back and won’t have to worry about it tomorrow night.”

After that, security found Robbins in a parking lot reserved for players, where he had two MLB and Red Sox press box place markers. He’ll be back in court December 11, and though he’s innocent until proven guilty, he won’t get to make a case untnil long after the Red Sox’s World Series fate has been sealed. Meanwhile, the Sox might consider locking up their things lest they see them on Ebay. (Side note: don’t put your stolen Sox merch on Ebay.)