The Only GIF You Need to See from Game 2

Just a little something to boost your mood.

Thursday, we showed you the only GIF you’d need to understand the outcome of Game One. Today, we bring you the only GIF you need to see from Game Two. The one GIF to rule them all.

Sure, we could have selected the infamous moment when the Cardinals scored two runs on a sacrifice fly. We could let you watch it over and over and over as some kind of penance for whatever horrid deeds you did in your past life. It’d make sense, because it pretty concisely tells the tale of the Cardinals’ victory.

But we’re bitter. So instead, we bring you this image of two Cardinals fans invading our territory and utterly whiffing on a high five. (Pro-tip, if each high-fiver keeps his eyes on the other’s elbow through the entire motion, and both are reasonably sober, the hands will never miss. Try it, you’ll see.) The GIF has gone quite viral both among the bitter Red Sox fans, like those at Barstool Sports, and the broader population, like the guys at Deadspin, who describe this as “Great moments in White People history.”

Feel better? Ready for Game Three?

high five