This Infographic Will Help You Find the Best Place to Watch the World Series

Thanks to tourism officials, it's easier to make a decision ahead of a World Series game.

World Series tickets are hard to come by, not to mention, they will probably cost you more than a round-trip flight to Hong Kong.

And chances are, fans won’t be able to get anywhere near Fenway Park due to the large crowds expected in the area, and streets being shutdown after the seventh inning.

With those obstacles in mind, you may be asking yourself, “Where should I watch the game?”

Well, the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism is here to guide you to the proper destination. In an effort to help tourists and city dwellers make some easy decisions, based on preferences for city life, they created this infographic with the help of Connelly Partners of Boston. “People definitely take pride in the Sox, but we realized they also take pride in where they celebrate the Sox! That’s a big part of Boston culture that we wanted to shine a light on,” said a representaitve from Connelly Partners.

So, here you go. You can either pick between the more than 25 bars listed below, or just stay home and watch them play. It’s your life:

Red Sox