In This GIF, We Are All Dustin Pedroia

We couldn't have celebrated Gomes's decisive home run better ourselves.

Picking just one GIF to represent the essence of an entire baseball game—as we’ve been doing periodically throughout this World Series—proved difficult this time around. We could have taken the obvious tack by showing you Gomes’s decisive home run, his bat flip, and his terrifying celebration while running the bases. We could have shown you Koji Uehara throwing pinch runner Kolten Wong out at first base to end the game, the first time a post-season game has ended thusly. We could have—maybe we should have— shown you Napoli ripping Gomes’s face off. These are all good moments to relive on loop, and we encourage you to click on them.

But for now, we’ll take your eyes off the main action to show you Dustin Pedroia’s reaction to Gomes’s home run. Here, Sox fans find the perfect expression of the their feelings at the moment Gomes gave the Sox a lead they would manage to hold for the rest of the evening. Still smarting from Saturday, we couldn’t let the series to go 3-1. Things weren’t looking amazing. But then, when Gomes gave us hope, this happened. And it was good. On to Game 5!

Pedroia reaction

Image Credit: @Kazuto_Yamazaki on Twitter