Suspect Arrested in Connection With Puppy Doe Abuse Case [Update]

Police have a person in custody who will be charged with 11 counts of animal cruelty for the dog's brutal beating.

Photo by Animal Rescue League of Massachusetts

Photo by Animal Rescue League of Massachusetts

Update, October 28, 4 p.m.: Poland native Radoslaw Czerkawski, 32, was arrested and will be arraigned in Quincy District Court on Tuesday. He faces 11 counts of animal cruelty in connection with the Puppy Doe case. Police said Czerkawski is currently in Connecticut, where he was found by investigators last week, and is being transported back to Massachusetts.

At a press conference on Monday afternoon, Quincy Police Chief Paul Keenan said Czerkawski did not fight rendition, and will also be facing charges for misleading investigators in the case. Animal cruelty is considered a felony in Massachusetts. Violations of the law can lead to a sentence of up to five years in state prison. “The investigation took a little bit of time because we wanted to make sure we got it right,” said Keenan.

More information about the case—and how they caught the alleged suspect—will be provided on Tuesday, following Czerkawski’s arraignment.

A spokesperson from the Animal Rescue League of Boston, which offered money for any information leading to the arrest of a suspect, said the organization will work with the Quincy Police Department to determine who will get the reward. Officials said a tip led them to Czerkawski’s arrest.

Animal Rescue League officials said in a statement that they were relieved an arrest has been made. “From the very beginning of the investigation into Puppy Doe’s abuse, we wanted the person responsible for this heinous crime to be found and brought to justice as quickly as possible.  The Quincy Police Department and the District Attorney shared our sense of urgency in identifying the perpetrator, and we want to thank both organizations for their diligence and continuous hard work in pursuit of justice for Puppy Doe,” they said. “For the safety of people and animals in our community, we feel a tremendous sense of relief that a suspect is now in custody.

Earlier: There may be a break in the case of Puppy Doe.

Police in Quincy say a “person of interest” is in custody that may be connected to the brutal beating of a pit bull mix that was left for dead in a park in August, and later euthanized because of the severity of her injuries.

According to Quincy Police Captain John Dougan, officers are talking to an out-of-state suspect that allegedly misled officials investigating the case.

Radoslaw Czerkawski, 32, was arrested in Connecticut last Wednesday for not cooperating with officials. Police are working on getting the alleged suspect back to Massachusetts for further questioning, Dougan told Boston.

Dougan would not say whether or not Czerkawski is the person responsible for the extensive wounds inflicted on the dog, which included burn marks and broken bones that were pulled apart at the limb, but a press conference is scheduled for Monday at 4 p.m. in Quincy to further discuss his arrest.

When news surfaced in September about the dog’s injuries and eventual death, Puppy Doe supporters put up thousands of dollars to help get information from the general public about the person responsible for the dog’s severe beating. Several Facebook groups were also formed, aimed at identifying a possible suspect.

Local animal rights organizations and shelters also offered up rewards in the days following the dog’s death. A candlelight vigil, which brought hundreds of supporters and their pets to Quincy, was held for the dog near the location where she was found.

The case has remained open and active over the past month, but investigators are hoping to bring it to a close. Dougan said he was waiting to hear from the District Attorney, before discussing Czerkawski’s arrest in greater detail.